Final 2016 Colorado Corn Production Numbers


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) this month released its annual Crop Production Summary, showing that Colorado farmers didn’t haul in quite as large of a crop as earlier USDA forecasts had anticipated. But while actual production in the state this fall fell short of those predictions (by about 8 million bushels) the 2016 Colorado corn crop still stood up well compared to recent years. 

Corn for Grain Acres Harvested: 

2016 … 1.17 million
2015 … 950,000
5-year avg. … 1.01 million 


2016 … 137.0 bushels per acre
2015 … 142.0
5-year avg. … 137.0 

Total Corn for Grain Production:  

2016 … 160.92 million bushels
2015 … 134.90 million
5-year avg. … 143.59 million 

Nationwide, 2016 corn production was estimated at 15.2 billion bushels, while yields averaged out at 174.6 — the highest marks on record for the U.S.


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