Granada Trustees Discuss Closing XY Ditch

Granada Welcome Sign

Granada Welcome Sign

Granada resident Connie Vega received permission from the board of trustees to post patriotic or sports-themed flags around the community once she’s secured enough funds for the project. “I think 24 flags would work at a cost of $20 per flag and a pole,” she explained.  Vega felt the poles could be secured by drilling into the sidewalk concrete, but was asked to find an alternative.  Mayor Pro-Tem, Glenn Otto, suggested off-setting the poles into the dirt between sidewalk and street.  She said other poles, using 3 by 5 foot flags of the school colors, could be placed along Hoisington Street during Granada sporting events.  The Trustees also approved using sidewalk squares for ‘paw prints’ decals by the Paw Pals, school group.  Vega had no specific start date for the project, saying it would be contingent on funding from participating stores and donations.  In another community improvement project, Riley Musick and his mother, Michele, received approval from the Trustees to set up and maintain benches in the town park.  Riley explained that the project would be a way to attain his Eagle’s Badge from his Boy Scout troop.

A portion of the night’s discussion focused on filling in and closing the XY Ditch in town. Trustee Thrall asked about the needed steps to take following a discussion with Don Higbee over the potential closure and ownership rights.  The ditch usually stays dry and filling it in could extend the land of property owners another 20 to 30 feet, as Thrall speculated that most of the deeds on their side of the ditch run to its middle.  He said the banks may be pushed back by several feet in the project as well.  “We need to get a list of the property owners, probably from the county, and start from there,” he suggested.  Some form of written approval on the agreement would also be required.  The Trustees didn’t say the town would take automatic ownership if quit claim deeds were needed, asking in general, just who would they be made out to?  A guideline from Trustees attorney, Darla Scranton-Specht was suggested as a logical starting point.

Granada Police Chief, David Dougherty, told the Trustees, the department received a $3,000 scholarship from the VALE board for him and two department employees to attend a Colorado Organization for Victims Assistance month. He noted he was informed that a town cruiser would require repairs due to a recall by Dodge Motors.  The patrol car is in the shop for a timing chain guide and an airbag replacement.

In other action, Carrigan Excavating was hired for street repairs and Brandon Stegman was hired as landfill operator for the town. The next regular town meetings will be held the second Wednesday of the month, on October 12, November 9 and December 14.

By Russ Baldwin


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