Buxton Company Hired to Analyze Local Marketing and Buying Trends

Parker Key and Angie Cue at Lamar Council Meeting

Parker Key and Angie Cue at Lamar Council Meeting

One of the tasks PCDI/PEP has taken on is to use the PUMA, Progressive Urban Management Associates, study of Prowers County to induce businesses to select local communities as a future business opportunity. PCDI/PEP has also purchased a prominent page position in the nationally distributed Site Selection magazine to advertise the county as a business location.

The Lamar City Council is also taking similar steps, working with Angie Cue, Community Development Director, to hire a Texas marketing firm, Buxton, to recruit new retail outlets to our community based on local marketing research on demographic needs and buying trends. It also provides information for local businesses to increase their sales potential to the general buying public.  The $60,000 study is funded in part by the City, PCDI/PEP and a state REDI grant which will contribute $35,000.  Lamar is contributing $15,000 and PCDI.PEP is picking up the balance.  The city council authorized the funds during their September 12th meeting with Buxton representative Parker Key and Angie Cue.

Cue said she’s been in contact with Buxton since this past February, discussing Lamar’s needs and strengths in the retail sector, but hasn’t been able to move forward on an agreement until funds were available. The three year agreement does contain an opt-out clause for the city should funding become tight, a point referenced by Mayor Roger Stagner.  “We’ve seen a lot of our marketing studies just sit on the shelf and are looked at infrequently,” explained Cue.  She said Buxton will go a step further, starting with information derived from a 30 to 60 day market analysis of the buying trends of the community and outlying areas.

Parkey Key explained that his company helps determine from that information which types of retail outlets would be a good, sustaining fit for Lamar. “We can give a determination of what types of goods would sell faster for some retailers, what is being bought by local customers and what trends may develop from that,” he stated.  “My firm will leverage credit and debit card purchases to see what is being bought; we’ll get an understanding of those trends from local customers and from what outside area customers are coming to your community to make purchases.”  He said that Buxton will provide information on the value of those buys and present a clearer picture to retailers what moves best for their customers.

When asked who can use his company, he replied, “It’s open to anyone who has customers. This will be a full economic development tool for the businesses in Lamar.”  Right now, he said his company will focus on a casual dining restaurant, men’s clothing and sports gear and clothing.  That’s a reinforcement of an earlier study by another firm.  The difference with Buxton is that the company will make a pitch for some of those businesses to locate in Lamar, based on populations needs.  Key said, “Buxton is the largest customer data analysis firm in the country.  We can provide you with the tools to give businesses sales trends specific to them.”  He added that franchises take information provided by his company when they make a decision to begin a new operation; to see where Lamar fits in that pattern for other stores and to make contact with the person responsible for making that decision.

By Russ Baldwin

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