Prowers County Commissioners Work Session of April 9, 2024



Lamar Community Development Director Anne-Marie Crampton, Lamar Public Works Director Pat Mason and Lamar School Superintendent Dr. Chad Krug met with the Commissioners during its morning work session on April 9 to discuss ways to improve road conditions on 14th St. near the site of the new Thunder Stadium that would be mutually beneficial.  The school district has already entered into an agreement with the city to resurface the road in the future as traffic increases for events at the stadium in exchange for the city providing some labor involved with the paving during stadium construction.  Discussed was the option of the city possibly annexing the road (not the adjacent private properties) so that it would be solely responsible for maintaining it; currently, both the county and the city own different sides of the road. At this point, however, the county is being asked to provide material for the temporary resurfacing with the city providing the labor, until a permanent resurfacing and improvement plan can be finalized. Angled parking along the east side of 14th St. adjacent to the stadium is planned for this season as well.  Dr. Krug suggested a turn-around of some sort at the south end of the street to accommodate any buses that may inadvertently continue down the street instead of parking in the lots as they will be instructed to do.  It was agreed to look into this, along with possibly improving signage for buses.

Darren Glover, Prowers Area Transit Director, gave an update about two new buses that will be put into service as part of a CDOT grant.  The new buses will be 14-passenger buses with side wheelchair lifts.  The buses will have security cameras as well.  As of now, the total cost is $267,968, with the state providing $214,374.  The local match to the county is $53,594 which will come out of the 2025 budget; however, Mr. Glover said they are trying to find more grants to help offset the local contribution.  He also reported that ridership has remained stable.

Gary Harbert, Veterans Service Officer gave the VSO monthly report.  The office has helped with multiple filings for benefits and claims as well as providing transportation to medical appointments.  He said they would still like to find another substitute volunteer driver to help with medical transportation.

Pete Hernandez, Director of the Consolidated Return Mail Center and the Overflow Processing Center in Granada gave updates to the commissioners.  He provided the number of calls and pieces of mail received and reports that the flexible scheduling for employees continues to be working extremely well.  There will be an upcoming visit from the State of Colorado to both facilities and invited the commissioners to attend.

Todd Horning, owner of Lamar Outdoor Sports, presented an idea concerning the possible development of an OHV park near the fairgrounds in an area that bike riders already utilize.  He expressed a concern for safety the way the trails are situated presently as well as a lack of formal maintenance for the area.  An OHV park could bring in tourism dollars to the area, as formal events could be held and  there could be separate areas for the different sports.  A discussion was held, during which the commissioners agreed that the project was a very good idea and agreed to do more research into liabilities, property ownership in the area and the feasibility of proceeding, including the possibility of applying for state grants to improve the area.

The work session ended with the commissioners presenting a Certification of Appreciation to Meagan Hillman, Public Health Director, and her staff in recognition of National Public Health Week.  All 3 commissioners expressed their deep appreciation to the department, stating that they felt the staff was “one of the best in the state” as well as thanking them for doing what at times is a selfless job.

Prowers County Commissioners present Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of National Public Health Week to the staff of the Prowers Public Health Department.

By Barbara Crimond

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