Colorado Apprenticeship Month: Honoring Apprentices, Employers, Partners, Mentors, and Champions



(DENVER) – As November unfolds, Apprenticeship Colorado, in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) and a network of statewide partners, is proud to launch Colorado Apprenticeship Month. This month-long initiative is dedicated to promoting awareness about the myriad advantages of Registered Apprenticeship Programs for both employers and the workforce across the state. Colorado Apprenticeship Month unites the region’s business leaders, career seekers, community stakeholders, educational institutions, and various other collaborators. Together, they shine a spotlight on apprenticeships, catalyzing the adoption of this exceptional training model and fostering talent development strategies of the highest caliber.

“Apprenticeships play a vital role in shaping Colorado’s future workforce, bolstering the state’s competitive advantage by equipping our businesses and our citizens with the talent and skills essential for our economy to flourish and foster innovation,” emphasized Joe Barela, executive director of CDLE. “Apprenticeship programs serve as pathways to higher income, career advancement, and professional credentials. They are a win-win, benefiting both participants and businesses, as they provide a more dedicated and engaged workforce, a critical asset in today’s labor market.”

Apprenticeship Month comes after the July 1, 2023 recognition of Colorado as a State Apprenticeship Agency (SAA) in CDLE, housed in the Office of Future of Work (OFW).  Apprenticeship Colorado, also referred to as the SAA, is recognized by the US Department of Labor to register and oversee programs in Colorado for Federal purposes; serves as the primary point of content for registered apprenticeships in the state; is responsible for program’s compliance with state and federal laws and standards; and is responsible for the expansion of high-quality program development.

“At the heart of Apprenticeship Month lies Colorado’s dedication to building bridges – bridges between education and industry, between employers and aspiring talent. We’re committed to forging strong relationships with our valued providers and partners. This month, we celebrate not just the present, but the future we’re shaping, hand in hand with our stakeholders, as we continue to champion Registered Apprenticeships as a cornerstone of success for our state.” said Denise Miller, director of Apprenticeship Colorado.

During Apprenticeship Month, Apprenticeship Colorado and CDLE will be highlighting resources, content, and events designed to increase awareness of the benefits of creating, registering, and expanding registered apprenticeship programs on the Apprenticeship website.

Theme: Celebrating Apprenticeships Across Colorado

This year’s Apprenticeship Month in Colorado we’ll be highlighting:

Partnering with Apprenticeship Colorado!

Spotlighting Colorado’s Exceptional Apprentices

Why Register Your Apprenticeship Program?

Apprenticeship Month Events


Apprenticeship Month Virtual Opportunity Fair: November 13-17

Apprenticeship Colorado and the Colorado Apprenticeship Hub will be hosting a weeklong, static virtual Apprenticeship Opportunity Fair for both Sponsors and employers of Registered Apprenticeships to showcase their opportunities and connect to talent, as well as for members of the public to explore apprenticeships in their area!

Sponsors and employers register for a virtual booth today

Career seekers and members of the public register to attend the virtual opportunity fair

For more on Apprenticeship Month events and resources, including a calendar of events and social media toolkit, visit the Apprenticeship Colorado website and follow Apprenticeship Colorado on LinkedIn!

Employers interested in learning more about developing a Registered Apprenticeship Program are encouraged to reach out to the Apprenticeship Colorado Team, who can provide information and guidance on developing a Registered Apprenticeship Program of your own.

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