Veteran’s Memorial Truck in Lamar on its Travels


Blackout Vehicle


Don  Marsh of Carder Incorporated hosted a viewing of a unique truck with a specific purpose recently parked at the offices on Crystal Street in Lamar.  A number of area residents affiliated with veteran’s groups as well as the 9-11 Memorial Tribute Committee, showed up at Carder Inc to view the vehicle and learn more about its mission around the country.

A custom built Veterans Memorial Truck is in its 10th year of service as a traveling memorial to those individuals who have served their country.  The vehicle is 31 feet long and pulls a 17-foot memorial trailer.

March explained that the truck is the work of Charles Timbrook and it took seven years to complete and $160,000 of Timbrook’s earnings to put the vehicle on the road.  The truck is named, “Black Out” reflective of it’s basic color and it has been around, with plans to travel to South Dakota, Florida, South and North Carolina, Maryland, the Virginia’s, Pennsylvania as well as Colorado and Wyoming.

In a prepared statement, Timbrook explained there is no political statement attached to the vehicle, adding, “Blackout is a one-of-a-kind tribute serving as a representation for our veterans, fallen soldiers, POW, active duty and all in the field to serve, protect and stand for the American nation.”

The memorial was awarded with the Veterans Seal of Support in 2016, as well as numerous other letters of commendation and support to include the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

By Russ Baldwin

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