The Lassie Has Closed its Doors

Beverly Augustine with Award from 2019



Seventy-four years of customer service came to an end with the final Whale of a Sale at The Lassie at 212 South Main Street in Lamar this past Saturday, November 12th.

Julie Vice and Friend on Last Day

Julie Vice, daughter of the owner, Beverly Augustine who passed away in February of this year, closed the doors and turned the lock on the ladies’ fashion store which had been in operation for the past 74 years.  Few will remember that the building was once a grocery store or a cobbler shop in the early 1900s, but many will remember the unique woman who owned and operated The Lassie for over seven decades.

Lorene Thompson

Beverly Augustine offered a level of personal service that has become rare with the passage of time.  A staunch supporter of Main Street businesses and the local Chamber of Commerce, Beverly offered personal service, to the point of getting on the phone and calling a customer to say, “I have something that’s just come in that I know you’d love.  Why don’t you drop in and take a look?”  There was also a sign posted that recommended you take home an item and try it on.  If it’s not back in four days’ time, we’ll assume it’s a purchase.

Decades ago, the Lamar Chamber conducted a survey asking area residents what mattered most to them when they decided to make a purchase.  There’s little doubt the top three have changed with the passage of time:  Service-Savings and Selection.  Beverly Augustine at The Lassie always met that standard.

Julie Vice said the store will be on offer to interested buyers, but just not yet.  Without being specific, she did mention that the next owner won’t be just a person who meets the asking price, but in all likelihood, will have to have some of Beverly’s sales philosophy in mind.

By Russ Baldwin

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