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Completed Portion of Ramp Project




Construction work is underway at North Gateway Park which will augment and improve residents and visitor’s outdoor activities at the pond site, just off Highway 287 at the Arkansas River Bridge.

Rampwork for Access to Floating Dock

A visit earlier this week showed that some ADA improvements have already been completed by Elegant Concrete LLC., such as a concrete parking area adjacent to the restroom and the pavilion and barbecue stand.  Lamar’s Chief Building Inspector, Craig Brooks said similar work is underway providing a switchback access from the parking lot to the floating dock which was erected several years ago.

New Beach Area by Pavilion

“The dock is going to be angled off to match with the access point on the ramp, which will make it easier for visitors to go directly from the parking area to the dock without having to negotiate any dirt, rocks or washout areas,” he explained.  Brooks said he expects these improvements to be ready by the July 4th weekend.

Additional work is underway at the third, far-eastern pond.  There, a sandy beach is being built which will allow visitors to go directly from the other pavilion and barbecue area directly into the water.  A concrete boat ramp has already been built which will make it easier for paddle boat renters to get their devices into and out of the pond.

Boats Available by the Hour

The 40 by 42 foot building that stores the paddleboards, kayaks and boats is up and running and already has customers.  That operation is being leased from the City of Lamar by the owners of Aqua-Holics who are renting their floating devices and safety gear to their customers by the hour.

By Russ Baldwin

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