Planning Commission Approves Subdivision Requests, Discusses Enhancement Grant Provisions


The Prowers Planning Commission approved two subdivision requests at their March 11 meeting at the County Annex.

The request from VCRAF Agis Bent 50, LLC to subdivide 13.7 acres, which contains a homestead, from the existing acreage was approved. This was a first subdivision for A-1 Irrigated Land. Ron Peterson told the board the land, starting next year, will be used to farm organic white and yellow corn as well as hay and wheat. In 2018, the Lamar Utility Board approved a line extension for VCRAF Agis Bent 50 LLC for their property in Bent County, McClave, just north of Beef City in a five-year agreement. The line is for a 465 hp sprinkler system VCRAF has on site.

The other approved subdivision request was made by Gass Farm Properties to subdivide three acres which contains a homestead, from the existing acreage.

Commission members voted to continue with the current organization from the previous year with no change in membership. Richard Widener- Chairman; David Emick – Vice-Chairman; Clifford Boxley – Member; Chad Hart – Member; Jim Larrick – Member.

Members recommended some refinements for the proposed County Enhancement Grant Application to Land Use Administrator, Michelle Hiigel. The grant would be used to help finance scenic barriers to businesses that border major highway entrances and exits in the county. The structures could be in the form of a tree line or a sufficiently high enough fence to block the operation from public view as in the case of a rusting junk car lot. The grant, funded by the county, is estimated at $25,000 per year. The revisions would require the applicant to provide a map and/or description of the property and receipts for the labor and materials for their project which would be reimbursed upon completion of the construction. Commission members also discussed the percentage of funding they would provide, based upon the cost of the project and the balance of the grant through a year.

The next Planning Commission board meeting is set for Wednesday, April 8th at 8am at the Prowers County Annex.

By Russ Baldwin

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