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Pelsue Product Offers Communications Connection

Pelsue Product Offers Communications Connection

    Pelsue, based in Englewood, Colorado has developed a self-contained, mobile work-trailer which enables first responders to re-establish cell phone communications when regular service has been interrupted by natural catastrophes such as tornadoes, floods, fires or hurricanes. Contracted by Verizon, Pelsue equips the shells with the required equipment at the Lamar assembly plant and […]

CSP Trooper Tips - “Just Concentrate”

CSP Trooper Tips – “Just Concentrate”

Recently I was fortunate enough to travel to New Zealand. I tell you this, not to make you envious (you should be though, it’s an amazing country), but to of course bring to light new driving tips. Now I have to say I’ve been driving for decades and have extensive additional emergency driver training, but […]