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Pelsue Verizon Response Unit



Pelsue, based in Englewood, Colorado has developed a self-contained, mobile work-trailer which enables first responders to re-establish cell phone communications when regular service has been interrupted by natural catastrophes such as tornadoes, floods, fires or hurricanes.

Roof Mounted Dish-Type Antenna

Contracted by Verizon, Pelsue equips the shells with the required equipment at the Lamar assembly plant and is then transported to the problem site where a Verizon technician or first responder reconnects cell phone service. The plant has been in operation for several years and is located on Highway 287, south of Spreading Antlers Golf Course.

Assembly plant manager, Mike Bryant explains, “The shells are made by C.F. Meier in Lamar and the body-sized Verizon decal is wrapped around the shell in Englewood and brought back to Lamar to our plant where the equipment is tested and installed. We’re finishing up six units which are going to California, but we can send them anywhere they’re needed. We’re also developing a generic version of these response trailers which can be used for FEMA or military operations,” he explained, adding that they also offer wi-fi and GPS tracking capabilities.

The trailers can be put in operation in just under a half hour once they’re on site. Bryant said they’re self-contained with a generator which powers light, heat and air as well as power the communications equipment. “We have a compressor which raises and lowers the pneumatic mast as well as telemetry which measures wind speed and safely shuts down the operation if it exceeds a safety limit. A swivel-mounted dish antenna will start to rotate until it locks in on the needed signal and it’s in operation.” He said the technology is vital to re-establishing communications for first responders who are working in an emergency situation. Pelsue is the only company supplying their brand of trailers for Verizon.

Mark Niksic, President of Pelsue, said the company began in Englewood in 1963 and has manufactured various forms of equipment which offers safety to workers in the field. This includes a fiber trailer, a framework support structure for underground workers, a water-tight manhole cover for similar work, ventilation equipment and protective tent.

Bryant, who has lived in Lamar for several decades, said C.F. Meier’s manufacturing capabilities was a main reason the town was chosen for the assembly plant. “We also have electric harnesses built by Altek Systems and C.F. Meier also constructs needed shelving for the trailers. We weld the units to a frame and can have one completed in about 90 days, using a nine-man team.”

Bryant said he intends to begin hiring in the near future. “We’re looking for qualified persons who can work in this field and really make a contribution to this industry and develop a profession for themselves.”

By Russ Baldwin

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