Letter to the Editor: To the Lamar City Council



I am writing to express my commendation of one of the employees of the City of Lamar. I am honored to recognize K9 Officer, Thomas Campbell, who has been helping me coach 5th-6th grade youth basketball for the Lamar Recreational Center for the past four years.

Coach Campbell has shown dedication to the team by sacrificing his free time when he is not working full time as the K9 Police Officer for the Lamar Police Department. He runs practices after his long 12-hour day of work as well as coaching their games on the weekends. As co-coach of the team, parents frequently come up to me and acknowledge how good of a coach he is and how great he is with the kids, they also praise his dedication to the team as well as his love for the game of basketball. I would agree that Coach Campbell has been a very valuable asset to the team, his coaching style has a way to get through to the young players. These players, ages 11-12, respect Coach Campbell as he relates to them, not only through the game of basketball but also in life. During practice, Coach Campbell stresses the importance of teamwork every day through implementing good communication, goal setting and overcoming obstacles together.

Without his dedication and coaching style, it would be different to manage 20+ kids every season, so I would like to thank Coach Campbell for his time and effort that he has put into the team. I believe Coach Campbell is an excellent example of a true person with a huge heart for our community and the children who reside in it.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this letter of commendation in recognition of Coach and K9 Officer Thomas Campbell.


Jaime Madrid
North 3rd Street
Lamar, CO 81052

(Editor’s Note: Letter read to the Lamar City Council on Monday, March 9, 2020)

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