Remember Foundation for Alzheimer’s Fundraiser, A Night to Remember


1st Year All-Round Champs


Sometimes the success of an event isn’t always based on the number of people attending or the amount of funds raised for a worthy cause. In either case you’d like the numbers to be high, but you also want the attendees to have a good time and the first fundraising event for the local Remember Foundation for Alzheimer’s definitely succeeded in that column.

Sweets and Art

Like most events of this nature, there are the usual tables filled with snacks. There are exhibits lining a room of items that will be up for either a live or silent auction for later that evening and that was there. Sometimes there are free tastings of adult beverages and this was included this past Saturday, January 18th at the Lamar Elks Lodge…small samples of artisan beers and a martini bar which featured a mix of the classic martini, the lemon drop, the chocolate and the Cosmopolitan cocktail.

Paige Takes a Putt

There was music, a mixture of tunes from the 1920s and 30s to start the evening, featuring the talents of DJ Vic Coberley and as the night continued, he began to rev up the room with classic rock and roll hits from the 50s and 60s and threw in some disco and country classics. The music was a great background to the highlight of the evening, games of skill that were played for prizes, somewhat unique to other fundraising events.

Showing a Delicate Touch

Contestants formed teams and tried their luck and skill at a simple putting green, they grabbed a few bean bags and made points with cornhole targets or proved they had analytical skills and a delicate touch playing a giant-sized version of the Jenga game. One or two contestants had to use a chair because even on their tippy-toes, they couldn’t reach the top of the column to balance their block at the top level.

Don’t Even Blink!!

The auction was fast-paced and fun under the leadership of auctioneer Rob Morlan who donated his time for the evening. Folks who hadn’t been out to the Lamar Elks Lodge in a while appreciated the newly decorated bar and restrooms, although some would wind up in the kitchen as the entrances had been moved during the renovations. Spoiler alert! There’s now a new use for beer kegs in the men’s facilities!

Shannon Goes for a Point

Once the financials have been settled and funds are distributed, plans are underway for next year’s event. Foundation Director, Holly Burton, explained, “The funds have been used in the past for local patients in the area. Some past purchases include home safety devices, medications, travel expenses and items and services as needed by the recipients. The Holly Nursing Home has received some funding and in Lamar, craft items are purchased for local patients.” She thanked her staff for the first fund-raising venture which include: Tera Bender, Ashley Roseberry, Ginger Coberley and Valerie Baldwin.

Auction items were donated by Vincent Gearhart, Colorado Abandon, KVAY, Sherry Walls, Healing Hands Massage, Brooke Palmer, Davinci Teeth Whitening, Tammy DorenKamp, The Beauty Box, Reyman’s Grocery, Caryn Scofield, The Butcher Shop, Dubs Catering, The Abby Winery, A & B Liquor, Déjà vu, Kynlee Emick Vigil, Theron Hammer, Edward Jones, Shelley Williams, and Colorado Mills 3B’s.  Sponsors are Mackey Realty, One Hope Wines Amy Gonzales, Beth Parker, Safeway, Quiznos, BJ’s, Little Caesars, Farmers Country Market, Daniel Westfield, Jenna De la Rosas and The Elks Lodge.

By Russ Baldwin


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