Water Release Underway at John Martin Dam



Water Release Underway (photo from USACE)



At 7:00 am this morning, (Monday, April 15, 2019) John Martin Dam opened up its gates for the first time since November 1st!

This is the first release since the completion of the stilling basin project. Flows are starting out relatively low, but expect them to increase as we start to see more snowmelt upstream.

Stilling Area at Base of Dam, February 17, 2019

As the weather warms up and the local rivers and canals start to flow, it may be tempting to jump in the moving water to cool off – but it can be very dangerous! Swift, cold water can cause hypothermia in a matter of minutes, even if the weather is warm outside. Snags and other unexpected hazards may also be present. It is recommended to stay out of these waters, and instead opt for designated swim beaches or swimming pools.

Remember: always wear a life jacket, never swim alone, and PLEASE avoid alcohol around water!

(From USACE)

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