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Statuette with New Wall at Rear


They are not always recognizable at first, but plans for community development are taking shape at different stages through the Lamar community.

Additional work is underway at the 9/11 First Responders Memorial on the southern end of the Big Timbers Museum property. Begun last year and financed through private donations and grants, the memorial has grown in various stages this past year to include the four small statutes encircling the base of the illuminated flagpole.  Most recently the three main sections of the rear wall have been put in place, thanks to the efforts of Brad and Milt Semmens.  Once that has completed, the structures will be capped and each of the walls will be mortared, ready for honor/remembrance plaques which will be sold to help finance the rest of the project.

Materials Removed from East Maple Street Property

Preliminary work has begun on East Maple Street for the small-scale community corrections facility proposed by Doug Carrigan several years ago to the Prowers County Commissioners. The land and buildings were sold to Carrigan who operates a similar facility in the Sterling area.

New Roof at East Maple WPA Site

New roofing was added to the original facility last year and some additional work, apparently clearing away some interior walls and concrete is being completed in stages.  There is no timetable set at this point for the project to be completed.

Open Lot Space Between Big R and 4Rivers

It’s an empty lot now, but the Lamar Planning and Zoning Commission approved the development of a new bank to be built between Big R and 4Rivers on East Olive Street, within the city limits. The Lamar City Council recently approved the actions of the commission during their July 23rd council meeting.  Farm Credit Bank is considering locating a bank at the site.

By Russ Baldwin

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