High Water Levels at John Martin Dam

Sunny Skies at John Martin Reservoir


Another season of boating, camping and fishing will soon be underway at John Martin Reservoir. Anyone visiting the site will immediately notice the high level of water in the Reservoir, now averaging approximately 316,100 acre feet.  This same time last year, the water content was averaging around 130,000 acre feet. The information is provided by U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

John Martin Dam Water Elevation at 316,600 a/f

The water levels has seen consistent growth over time with only 22,310 acre feet registered in 2015, but in that year, a steady increase was noted: Information provided on the website shows there was 38,600 a/f in March of 2015 with 46,230 in May of that year.  Additional levels increased steadily through that month to the point there was 154,400 a/f by the end of May, 2015.  The Reservoir had 268,900 a/f at the beginning of 2018.

Figures provided by Jonathan Tague, PE and Operations Project Manager for John Martin Dam and Reservoir, state, “The maximum storage before we start passing all incoming flows is 340,771 ac-ft and the maximum capacity possible is 601,000 ac-ft.  The highest storage ever reached was 455,000 ac-ft in May of 1999.  We are currently releasing 227 ac-ft per day for irrigation.  It would be premature to speculate about any releases beyond normal calls for water given the low snowpack this year.”


Early Spring Fishing at John Martin Dam

Due to rising water levels, the East Boat Ramp is currently closed, however the West Boat Ramp has been open to the public as of Thursday, March 15th for the season.  All boats must be inspected prior to launching.

Spring Day at John Martin Dam, Fishing and Weed Clearing in the South

The Park Service requests that visitors do not park vehicles on the boat ramps. Trailered launching from any other location on the lake is prohibited. Swimming and fishing are also prohibited on or near the ramps.

Only hand-launched, non-motorized vessels are allowed on Lake Hasty. All boats must be inspected for Aquatic Nuisances before launching from the boat ramps. A park pass is required to launch. Launching from any other location is prohibited.
By Russ Baldwin

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