Holly Trustees Delay Action on Landfill



The Holly Board of Trustees had sufficient attendance for a quorum during their monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 4th, but in light of the absence of Mayor Tony Garcia and other members, several agenda items were tabled until a full board was available.

The evening’s work session consisted of a presentation of an Electric Rate Study conducted by one of the two interested parties, Mid-States Energy Works. Their bid is considerably larger than the one submitted by the current company, NMPP, but it was determined the representatives  were not working with all the information needed for an accurate presentation and will offer more figures at a later time.

The annual contract between the Prowers County Sheriff’s Office and the Town of Holly was tabled although the cost for law enforcement services for 2018 would be the same as the current year. Town Clerk, Megan Jara, pointed out that the cost of a new cruiser would be on the table for negotiations for 2019.

Action on appointing a liaison to the Arkansas River Power Authority Board (ARPA) was tabled until the next meeting. David Willhite is currently on the board, but his term is due to expire shortly and a replacement will be considered if he decides not to return.

The Trustees approved the liquor license renewal for Trailside Liquor and appointed Mavis Brian as a replacement for Marty Campbell on the Holly Housing Authority Board. The board was presented with a review of the 2018 budget by Jara and a workshop will be scheduled.  More discussion will take place before the Trustees take any action with the state on the status of the town landfill.  There are various options from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment depending on whether the landfill remains open or is closed and each option has its own set of financial benefits and risks.  If the town’s test wells and future test wells pass inspection, the town could receive a five year waiver on future alterations from the state.  The Trustees want additional input from the town’s attorney as well as a water consultant before they make a decision.

The crew report stated that the town’s east well is back online allowing the north well to be shut down; water leaks around the community have been repaired and the hydrants are being flushed. Repairs have been done to several curbs and handicapped sites were repainted and a ballast on one of the school’s lights was replaced, although future work of that nature will be carried out by the school.

By Russ Baldwin

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