CSP Opens Cadet Applications


Colorado State Patrol to Give Hiring Preference to Colorado Residents

If you are a Colorado Resident trying to secure a career in law enforcement, the odds of being selected by the Colorado State Patrol just got a lot better.  Monday, October 16, the Colorado State Patrol again begins accepting applications for those wanting to be State Troopers.  At that time, all applicants must be verifiable Colorado residents to advance in the process.

In the past three years, the State Patrol has seen an increase to over 2,500 applications per year from those applying to be Colorado State Troopers for approximately 50 vacancies per year.   This creates an extremely competitive environment for highly qualified candidates already living in Colorado to stand out and be selected in an already selective hiring process.  Simultaneously, the high number of applications creates a heavier workload for the hiring authorities within the Patrol.  They sift through exam scores, resumes, and background investigations to hire the highest quality people to represent the diverse communities they serve throughout the entire state.

Individuals in the military that are based out of Colorado and students in a Colorado college or out-of-state college with residence in Colorado are still eligible to apply.  Applications will be accepted beginning Monday through October 27th for an Academy class that would begin in July of 2018.  Those hired are paid from the first day of training at the Academy, please visit www.ColoradoStatePatrol.com for more information regarding the hiring process and benefits.

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