Release the Turkeys!!

“Run, the Pilgrims are Behind Us”

Okay, so it’s not as dramatic as, “Release the Kraken” from the ill-rated movie, “Clash of the Titans”, but it was definitely more fun watching four turkeys giving it all they got in a forty-yard dash around their race track at the Sand and Sage Fair on Family Night, Tuesday, at the Prowers County Fairgrounds. Not to be outdone, the pigs and ducks also took a few turns around the racetrack!

Jaelin Parker and Emma Widener Act as Emcees

If turkey wasn’t on your menu, lots of people were on hand for the fifty-cent hot dogs and dollar burgers that were cooking on the grills. High Plains Community Health Center was on hand, passing out cups filled with chilled fruit which made for a tasty and healthy dessert.  There were a lot of hungry people as the line under the tent began around 5:30pm and continued through the ping-pong ball drop in the arena and there was still a line by 6:30pm that evening.

Many residents found a comfortable picnic table in Elmer’s Garden, just north of the Home Ec Building where the contestants for Prowers County Royalty were giving their speeches, focusing on ‘what it means to be a cowgirl’ and highlighting some of the more well-known women from that field, from the life and career of Dale Evans, to rodeo stars from past decades.

The contestants were grouped by age, from as old as 17 to as young as seven for the contest.  Along with speeches, the contest features a written test, personal interview and horsemanship, county knowledge and modeling abilities.

The winners will be introduced for Little Miss, Princess and Queen, based on age groups later in the week.

The evening contest was hosted by current Queen and Princess, Emma Widener and Jaelin Parker.

The contestants were:  Maddie Buxton, Madison Summers, Isabelle Gaines, Carly Kravig and Halee Pierson.

By Russ Baldwin

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