Curtis Lane Porter Becomes Prowers County Court Judge

Judges Porter, Brinkley and Davidson

Judges Porter, Brinkley and Davidson

Curtis Porter was sworn in as the new Prowers County Court Judge Friday, July 1st in the courtroom where he will preside.  Porter is replacing Judge Larry Stutler who resigned his position after years on the bench.  Stutler said during his farewell reception at the courthouse just hours earlier on Thursday that he and his wife, Leah, plan to visit relatives in Arizona.

Porter, with his father and mother, Larry and Stella looking on, was sworn in by Judge Stan Brinkley with Judge Mike Davidson also attending. Davidson is relatively new in his career as District Court Judge for the 15th Judicial District in Baca, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Prowers Counties, as Brinkley administered his oath of office last October.

Judge Curtis Lane Porter

Judge Curtis Lane Porter

Brinkley addressed the courtroom audience and praised the effectiveness of the nation’s judicial process, “One thing we can always count on is a smooth and peaceful transition in these manners compared to other countries in the world. The governor had some great names from which to select our next judge and Judge Porter will make a great judge.”  Brinkley summarized the transition process by stating that we are a country that follows the rule of law.

On a lighter note Brinkley stated, “Lane told me he is 33 years old. I think you should take pictures of him today and compare those pictures to him twenty years from today.”  Brinkley said there is some pressure that goes with the position, perhaps attributable that there is less legal refinement at the level Judge Porter will be working at which will call upon his legal experience to make sure all parties are aware of how the judicial process will apply to their specific cases.

Porter thanked Brinkley, mentioning that the level of nervousness he felt at the moment was comparable to how he felt the first time he tried a case, dating back to 2009 when he worked for the local District Attorney’s office. He said Judge Brinkley’s manner and professionalism in the court helped him in his career.  Porter also thanked DA Jennifer Swanson for her guidance during his interim in her office, as well as his parents, Larry and Stella for all their support through his entrance into the legal career.

By Russ Baldwin

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