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HOPE Neighborhood Garden


Lori Hammer, Director of the Partners for HOPE Center Coalition, welcomed guests and members as well as Superintendent, Dr. Chad Krug, for the first meeting of the school season this past Tuesday, September 20th.  The Center opened for the new school year on August 17th and to date have averaged between 95 to 145 students per day, according to Hammer.

Hammer and Anita Zavala recounted the three summer field trips offers to students including a trip to the Royal Gorge, the Vilas Lollipop Factory and the Lamar Fire and Emergency Services Department.  Between 30 to 40 students took the longer trips which included an opportunity to craft their own candy and were given bags of lollipop mistakes.

The Center is the recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Karl E. Eitel Fund from the philanthropic group, El Pomar.  Hammer said she and Gabrielle Nieschburg sent in the application this past summer.  Other donations to the Center included $200/month from LCM Missions, $100/month from PMC, $1,000 from the District Attorney’s office, $100 from Darcie Cash, $115 in memory of Marie Ellegberger and $2,500 from Val Emick.

Reporting for activities for One Step Up, Emily Nieschburg said the students will participate in the installation of a drip irrigation system for the neighborhood garden on North 10th Street in a couple of weeks and will began an outreach project in October to find 100 homes in Lamar willing to plant a milkweed garden to help nourish the Monarch Butterfly.  Lamar is recognized nationally as a Monarch City.  Plans include having students construct butterfly houses as well.  Saturday, October 8th, will feature some additional artwork in the park and hot dogs with all the trimmings will be available for the kids.  The Coalition will continue to meet the third Tuesday of each month at noon at the Center on North 10th Street.
By Russ Baldwin

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