Prowers County Public Health and Environment, May 18, COVID 19 Update


This is the latest Covid update from the PCPHE office since March 16, 2022.  At that time, there had been 2,719 cases reported with 167 hospitalizations and 48 deaths in people who tested positive for COVID-19.  As of the May 18th report, the numbers are at 2,727 cases, 170 hospitalizations and 51 deaths.

The new report has been submitted in light of the most requested information to the county health department and to update community testing changes.

LAST DAY for free testing at High Plains Community Health Center is Wednesday, May 25, call 719-336-8721 to schedule.

Other state sponsored sites have stopped coming to our county. If you are sick and need to be tested please call your healthcare provider for evaluation, testing and treatment.  Free home testing kits are available here: or at your local pharmacy.

If you need testing for travel please consult the company you are traveling with to review their requirements and what type of testing is acceptable, etc.

For international travel:[1]travel-during-covid19.html

For cruise ship travel: during-covid19.html or consult your company (Carnival, Celebrity, Holland, Disney, etc) for their COVID-19 restrictions, regulations and requirements.


Please contact your healthcare provider if you test positive as there are free treatments that can greatly reduce your risk of being hospitalized or dying of COVID-19 complications.  They are available locally.


Vaccination is still available for those age 5 and older.

Pharmacies, health care providers and public health have vaccine available.

If you are not sure if you are eligible, or due, for a booster, please call us at 719-336-8721 and we will review your record with you.

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