DAR, Fort William Bent Chapter Celebrates 101 Years

Left to right: Lucille Davis, Regent; Beverly Middleton, Vice Regent; Julie Sumpter, Chaplain; Randa Davis-Tice, Secretary; Kathy Self, Treasurer; Amy Pierce, Historian and Shirley Morlan, Librarian were installed as the 2021-2023 Officers. Not pictured:  Connie Jacobsen, Registrar and Honorary State Regent Anita Bishop plus Paula Stolebarger and Betty June Walters, members.




October Meeting:

Kent Brooks, Historian and grandson of Baca County Sheriff Robert Luther Huckaby (1951-1955) kicked off the year of celebration from outlines and photos from his new upcoming book titled “Letters Stories and Incidents form the Santa Fe Trail ~ The Bent Fort Years 1833-1849”. Following a luncheon at the Third Street Nest in Lamar on October 2, 2021 with the members of the Fort William Bent Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and guest Heidi Brooks, the lesson began. Kent recounted the trail history which served the nation for six decades.

November Meeting:

“Ancestors and Their Heritage” was the program for the Daughters of the American Revolution meeting recently at The Third Street Nest in Lamar on November 6, 2021.  Lucille Davis, Regent, welcomed chapter members followed by the invocation. A lovely fall luncheon was prepared by Jane Felter.

The business meeting was preceded by the patriotic exercises which included The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United State of America, The American’s Creed and The Daughter’s Pledge.

The President General’s Message was read by Beverly Middleton.  Beverly read inspiring words written by Denise Doring VanBuren, President General, in her monthly column describing those who served in the ‘Revolutionary Cause’, “But what we do know for certain is that they rose up – but they never gave up; they stayed the course in good times and in bad; and they bequeathed to each of us who would follow an astounding legacy of courage, purpose and determination. Now, I must ask you to summon the same courage, purpose and determination to ensure that our beloved National Society will endure – will thrive – in the aftermath of the pandemic. Rise up with me to lift your chapter and the DAR to new heights of accomplishment in coming weeks and months.”

The National Defense Message was followed a ‘flag moment’ given by Amy Pierce, Flag Chairman.

In the business meeting Regent Lucille Davis reminded those in attendance about the upcoming deadline for all committee chairman and their accomplishments to be entered in the Master Report. The Master Report summarizes the activities of members in the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The activities include community service, preserving history, educating children, as well as honoring and supporting those who serve our nation.

Regent Lucille Davis also explained her outline for programs for the chapter meetings titled “Ancestors and Their Heritage”. Each and every member had to prove lineage to a ‘patriot’ who served in the ‘Revolutionary cause’. Chapter members Beverly Middleton and Shirley Morlan (sisters) presented their ‘patriot’ to the group following the business meeting. Timothy Downing from Virginia was their patriot ancestor serving in the militia in 1776. Interesting enough, Timothy was considered a ‘loyalist’ because he initially considered going back to England but changed his mind and stayed in America. After serving in the militia moved his family down the river on a raft to Kentucky and later settled in Ohio (NW Territory). The lineage was difficult to prove but was proven through a document which came from a college. The document found did list the people in his regiment. Timothy was also a common name for males during that time period so there were more than one Timothy Downing.

Before closing the meeting, Paula Stolebarger presented ‘The Inheritance Project’ to the chapter members. The Inheritance Project was approved by delegates at the 130th Continental Congress in June 2021 under The VanBuren Administration as a member benefit that allows Daughters to “inherit” Patriots from whom their mothers or grandmothers have a proven Application or supplemental Application. The Inheritance Project removes the need for a full four-page submission with documentation for each Patriot and reduces the cost to “inherit” all eligible Patriots for a one-time fee of $50.

Those in attendance for the fall luncheon besides Regent Lucille Davis were Paula Stolebarger, Amy Pierce, Shirley Morlan, Randa Davis-Tice, Connie Jacobsen, Beverly Middleton and Kathy Self.

The Fort William Bent Chapter of the National Society of the American Revolution will host and honor the twelve DAR Good Citizen’s selected from the area high schools on January 8, 2022 for a 10:00 brunch at the Community Building.



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