Colorado Crop Progress/Condition Report, Weekend Ending June 20, 2021


Record-high temperatures pushed fieldwork and crop advancement last week while depleting soil moisture supplies in areas, according to the Mountain Region Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA.

Statewide, winter wheat turning color progressed quickly compared to the prior week. In northeastern and east central counties, irrigated crops benefitted from the hot weather and some localities received isolated moisture at the end of the week. Dry conditions also allowed alfalfa harvest to move quickly. Non-irrigated crops and rangeland were notably doing well, but concerns remained going forward if hot temperatures persist without significant moisture.

In southwestern counties, extremely hot temperatures, high winds, and low humidity exacerbated fire danger and multiple wildfires were reported. County reports noted some isolated moisture was received and enough to delay producers who had hay on the ground.

In the San Luis Valley, a dry week allowed the first cutting of alfalfa to move quickly. A county report noted potatoes were mostly in good condition, but emergence was still uneven in areas. Water was notably short in the district.

Southeastern counties received moisture over the weekend and isolated hail was noted, but no damage was reported yet.

Winter wheat was maturing quickly in the area. Statewide, stored feed supplies were rated 13 percent very short, 22 percent short, 59 percent adequate, and 6 percent surplus. Sheep death loss was 83 percent average and 17 percent light. Cattle death loss was 69 percent average and 31 percent light

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