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The Prowers Medical Center Board of Directors discussed several projects during their January 27th meeting including a construction update on the nuclear medicine camera laboratory and available funding for the new MRI unit.

The completion date for the laboratory should be by the end of March or early April, according to hospital Chief Executive Officer, Karen Bryant. She said some of the construction materials needed by the contractors was delayed, pushing the timeline back slightly. The funding for the MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit, will be lower than the $1 million requested from DoLA, the Department of Local Affairs. There was $22.6 million in requests put to the department which had a budget of $13.2 million for funding. Although there isn’t any official notification at this point, the board expects to receive around $700,000, or about 70% of their request. The hospital is using $500,000 from the CARES Act for equipment upgrades including a new ultraviolet disinfecting lighting system used to sterilize patient rooms more quickly.

The board is coordinating with hospital departments to discuss prospects for health fairs through the year. The pandemic cancelled those scheduled for 2020. The idea is to limit the number of residents attending the sites for covid protocol which would keep the numbers to around 60 per day from April through July. There would be a pre-registration required so the hospital can assign a day and time for community members. February and March will be dedicated to serving groups such as schools or banks. More details will be forthcoming.

Prowers Medical Center is joining various Prowers County municipalities and organizations, to forward a letter of support for the 5 Star, Safer Shopping Project developed by the State and CDPHE and is being initiated by the City of Lamar. The Safe Business Plan requires proof that pandemic protocols are being followed by a subscribing business which, in turn, allows for increased customer capacity and a safer COVID-19 Level rating.

The PMC board approved a three year contract with Vitalant for blood supplies. Bel Bonfils became aligned with Vitalant to serve Colorado hospitals in 2018. A review of blood supplies at the hospital will be conducted to develop to help reduce waste and returned blood supplies will be credited to the hospital for any future needs. A more accurate assessment of needs will translate into fewer returns from the hospital.

A resolution was approved to post the board’s monthly meeting agenda on the hospital website which now provides a link to pricing transparency which began with the new year.

By Russ Baldwin

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