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To Whom It May Concern:

Veterans Day is a day of deep significance and it provides every American with the unique opportunity to not only keep alive the memories and accomplishments of every man and woman who has answered when their nation called, but to truly appreciate and understand the service and sacrifices our Veterans and their families have made, and continue to make every day.

We must continue to repay our keepers of peace and protectors of our freedoms – our Veterans – with the RECOGNITION, RESPECT and CARE they’ve rightly earned and deserve, for it is our Veterans who have sacrificed and paid the highest price for all of us.

No holiday says “America” the way Veterans Day does. On this day we celebrate not just our freedom, our independence, our democracy, but the sacrifices made to achieve them.

So, can someone please explain why our approximate 40+ Veterans were not recognized with the placement of a flag in the holder of the white crosses installed in the Hartman, Mount Hope and Garber Cemeteries as they were in the Holly Cemetery on this past Veterans Day? Who’s responsible?

Gayla Powers
Stepney Court
Colorado Springs, CO

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