Lamar Redevelopment Authority Funds Main Street Business Improvement

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The Lamar Redevelopment Authority discussed two economic development incentive agreements during their April 8th meeting, approving both.  The first agreement will be for façade improvements to Wild West Athletics owned by Joette and Cody DuVall for the past eight years at 110 North Main Street in Lamar.  Angie Cue, Lamar’s Community Development Director, explained the owners have made improvements to the building’s interior and exterior and now want to make needed improvements to the front and rear entrance facades.

The building was originally known as Adams’ Department Store in 1928 and has changed hands several times since then, mostly as a retail furniture store until it began operating as Wild West Athletics in 2008. The project estimate is $44,600 and the LRA recommended an agreement for $8,920 or 20% of the total cost for façade improvements.  The completion date for renovations is no later than December 31, 2019.

The Redevelopment Authority approved $10,000 funding for interior improvements for the building at 112 South Main Street in Lamar, formerly Bettiann’s and currently owned by Haley May Rhodes. The total cost of the project is $50,000 for a series of projects which will allow the retail outlet to meet code ordinances and become ‘business ready’ after years of neglect.  Those areas include installation and retro-fitting of existing lights, bathroom remodel, wiring of a new garage door and bringing electrical power into safe working conditions.  The bathroom will be made ADA compliant and old carpet and flooring will be replaced.  This project is expected to be completed by December 31st.  Because of the size of the interior, there is an opportunity to create two separate businesses at the location or one large one.

By Russ Baldwin

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