American Legion Recognizes LCC Softball Team Volunteers

LCC 2019 Softball Team


Jesse Herrera and Alfred Adame, Commanders in the local American Legion Post #71 presented a certificate of appreciation to members of the Lamar Community College Softball Team and Kristen Silva Head Softball Coach this past Friday, April 26th.

“The young ladies of this team have been very helpful to the Legion for over the past 13 years,” explained Herrera, who explained about their volunteerism at Fairmount and Riverside Cemeteries twice a year. “They are on hand to help us on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day each year and although the team members have changed, graduated and moved on, the softball team itself has always been there for us for over a decade and we wanted to show our appreciation,” Adame added.

In years past, the LCC Softball Team Members have volunteered time during the annual Lamar Day’s Clean-Up Day, held this past Saturday. Coach Silva explained, “Normally we’d be out helping the city with the clean-up, but we have two games against Trinidad Saturday and Sunday, so we won’t be able to make it this year,”  Lamar split the games with a loss on Saturday and a 12-4 win on Sunday.

By Russ Baldwin

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