Lamar Council Gets Atmos Gasline Project Review


Council with Paradisa (Far Left) and Atmos Rep Christa Mayhew, Far Right, Showcasing Safety Mascot


Kurtis Paradisa, Public Affairs Manager for Atmos Energy, briefed the Lamar City Council on the company’s System Safety and Integrity Rider, or SSIR, during the council’s work session meeting on Monday, April 1st.

“The impact in Lamar is part of a ten year project for Atmos during which we’re upgrading the gas lines through several communities including Platteville, Ault, Greeley and Lamar,” he explained. Prior to the start of the Lamar Main Street/Highway 287 improvement project, Atmos crews had conducted work on the gas lines in and around Lamar’s Main Street so there will be no need to open up the work recently conducted by American Civil Constructors.  “Any work related to Main Street lines will be done in the alleys,” he said.

Paradisa said cast iron gas lines are being upgraded with High-Density Polyethylene PVC pipe which should last at least 100 years before any replacements are required. Lamar has 4,389 Atmos customers with 323 service lines and about half of the eight miles of lines have already been changed.  “If a neighborhood is going to be impacted by our line work, our crews will hang information sheets on those doors explaining what will happen and when.  Because we’re able to connect lines at the start and end of the gas lines there should be no interruption of a gas flow, but there may be some pressure changes for a while.  If there’s a problem for a customer, just call the number on the info sheet and we’ll have tech support on the phone or in person to re-start any of your appliances that may have shut off,” Paradisa said.

The bulk of the work which began in January is expected to be completed by November. “We’re going to be issuing comprehensive press releases which will explain in detail, what will take place,” he informed the council.

By Russ Baldwin

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