Prowers Economic Prosperity Conducts Monthly Meeting in Wiley



The PEP board meeting held at the community building in Wiley Tuesday, December 4th, concluded the year-long outreach program in which board members were hosted in Holly, Lamar, Granada and Wiley each quarter of the year.

Eric Depperschmidt, Executive Director of the economic development group, outlined the latest progress he has made with clients seeking to expand or create a new business in Prowers County, while Angie Cue, Lamar Community Development Director provided a recap of the mission of the Lamar Redevelopment Authority.

Depperschmidt said he has been in contact with representatives of Sagebrush Meadows, a group which attempted to initiate bonding to finance a new assisted living facility in Lamar. “I’ve been given a copy of their preliminary feasibility study and they’ve indicated that the expenses they’ve encountered have been less than expected and they are willing to reimburse PEP a portion of the remaining funds.”  Earlier in the year, the PEP board authorized a donation from their incentive fund account to help the Sagebrush group meet their goals.

Depperschmidt touched upon an annual survey coming out before next year which contains questions regarding local business expansion plans and the means by which PEP can assist an owner with their goals. He said the survey will include an outline detailing how an owner could become a PEP member, but on a lesser contribution scale.  He also noted that January 11th has been set when members will hold their strategic plan review.

One business prospect involved in grain processing is willing to table an incentive package in lieu of assistance in navigating various state and local permitting fees. The agreement would be in the form of an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding.  Another prospective business decided to wait until after the new year when the new state government and department heads take over to iron out issues with the Department of Agriculture and CDPHE on the environmental impact their meat processing operation may have in the Wiley community.  PEP will also assist another developer in their efforts researching the ownership of a property they’re interested in acquiring.  Depperschmidt explained there’s a lot of equipment left on the land and the potential owners wants to know if it stays with the sale or would be cleared.  One other client is seeking a garage and office space for their one person operation transporting Medicare and Medicaid patients on a non-emergency basis for medical appointments.

By Russ Baldwin

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