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Trailblazer Cast Prior to Curtain Rise


An evening of local entertainment, from comedy skits, to famous monologues ranging from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams to Broadway show tunes…were on display this past Saturday evening, November 3rd, for the inaugural performance of Trailblazer Theatre Company.

Von Trapp Performers

Thirteen performers and eleven vignettes entertained the audience at the Lamar High School Auditorium for the premier of the Trailblazer Theater Company which has been honing its talents and rehearsing selected acts since earlier this summer, all leading up to their Saturday night debut.

Each presentation was a stand-alone event and the presenters varied in age, from seven year old Scarlett Suarez, a member of Spirit Dance to David Frankel, a more seasoned performer who has been on stage in community theater productions in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Lamar Librarian, Susan Lathrop, said she had been in conversation since this past spring, with library patrons and some interested parties, to explore the possibilities of developing a local theatrical group.Early inquiries to form a group indicated there was some show-biz depth in the community, from stage and vocal abilities, to include set design and experience with Community Theater. 

Lathrop added that a group of interested persons was formed that would combine their efforts, enthusiasm and commitment to work toward a common goal. Initial monthly meetings were held at the library to develop a core of interested persons and following that, calls for persons from every age and walk of life were issued to come and audition for the company. The group also received local assistance working under the non-profit status of the Southeast Colorado Arts Association.

Lathrop said she was disappointed that their initial application for a grant was not approved, but the efforts for a production would not be hindered. “The cast was wonderful and the quality of the production was fabulous,” she stated, offering praise for the behind-the-scenes efforts of Frankel and Jessica Medina. Lathrop said plans for a spring production are in the works, but the cast will take time to review their initial performance. “We’re going to assess what we need to do next and decide what that will take.”

Cast members include: Kaylee Weakley, Teri Jobe, Camella Iund, Jessica Hall, Olivia Veyna, Carisma Gass, Katie Lathrop, Scarlett Suarez, Katelyn Felan, Aiden Lathrop, August Canete, Jayde Tombleson, Samone Bandy, Rosalind Smith and David Frankel.

Laura Misenheimer served as the evening’s emcee and Meredith Willis provided the piano accompaniment. The production was directed by David Frankel and produced by Jessica Medina. Rosalind Smith served as assistant director, Karen Loveless as assistant producer and Susan Frankel operated behind the scenes with lights and sound.  Lathrop added, “We definitely want to say thank you to Bob Seay – without his help, the show would not have been as successful as it was.”

By Russ Baldwin

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