Council Approves 2019 Budget Ordinance & Mill Levy

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The Lamar City Council, following a public hearing on the 2019 budget, passed an ordinance on first reading on Monday, October 8, 2018, which adopts the new budget and authorizes revenue and expenditure levels for the new fiscal year.

The General Fund for 2019 is $8,667,989. Other areas include the Sales Tax Fund at $3,917,197, Water & Sewer Fund at $4,429,185, Sanitation Fund at $1,548,899 and Capital Improvement Fund at $2,326,000.  Other areas in the budget include:  E-911 Fund, Lamar Ambulance Fund, Conservation Trust Fund and Lamar Building Finance Corporation.  Funds for the 2019 Charter Appropriations which will come from revenues from the Utility Board are $1,705,057.  City Treasurer, Kristin McCrea, explained that the Lamar Ambulance Fund, at $847,298 is based upon the passage of the November Ballot Initiative establishing a County Sales Tax to help offset annual losses for the operation of the service.  She said $240,000 of the expected $400,000 to be derived from the potential passage of the ballot has been included in the 2019 fund.  Expenditures for 2019 are projected at $772,434.

Staff recommended the mill levy be set at 14.239 mills upon each dollar of the total valuation for assessment of all taxable property within the City of Lamar for 2018. This marks the 31st year the mill levy has been unchanged.  The City proposed to collect $430,545 in 2019, an increase of 0.35% from 2018’s figure of $429,020.  The council was also presented with the 2019 budget by Light Plant Superintendent Houssin Hourieh and his staff for the Lamar Utilities Board. The council does not vote on the utility budget but does make a recommendation for its approval for the board.

By Russ Baldwin

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