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The Lamar City Council held a brief, regular meeting on Monday, September 10th.  The council approved the risk advisory group (CIRSA) Worker’s Compensation quote of $5,000 for the deductible and premium for 2019.  The renewal quote for the city’s property/casualty contribution was also approved.  Although it was higher than the previous year, it also covered a considerable increase due to recovery claims from hail damage.  The city also recognized that the premium for CIRSA coverage has continued to be reduced.

Walmart in Lamar requested a public hearing for a modification of premises for extra shelving and refrigeration for their liquor sales department. Some alterations to the store’s floor plan will involve the hearing which is set for October 8th under liquor license rulings.

The council approved a new lease agreement for the copier at the Lamar Welcome Center which will be less expensive than the current agreement, $78.99 versus $44.90 per month.

The service contract for the electronic gate at the entrance of the Library was approved as well as for the Self Check Machine that allows patrons to take out a book using a prompt computer rather than having help from a clerk. The gate was purchased for $12,000 in 2016 and the check computer cost $11,404 and was purchased in 2015.  The service contracts will expire in June, 2019 and total $3,228.34.

The next City Council meeting is set for September 24th.

By Russ Baldwin


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