LUB Passes Resolution Providing for Power Purchase Agreements, Announces Scholarship Winners


Lamar Light and Power Turbines


The Lamar Utility Board passed Resolution 18-05-01 during their meeting Tuesday, May 15th, which acknowledges the authority of the board to negotiate and enter into power purchase agreements with Southeast Colorado Power Authority (SECPA). The action was taken following an executive session conducted by the board.

The resolution acknowledges that SECPA, as a member of Tri-State G & T, is the power supplier under the proposed new power purchase agreement with the LUB. Tri-State submitted a proposal that would consist of and include LUB entering into a new agreement with SECPA, providing for the board’s purchase of all its electric power and energy requirements, with limited exceptions, from SECPA.  The Home Rule Charter of the City of Lamar also makes provisions for LUB to negotiate and enter into agreements to purchase electricity through the superintendent and board attorney.

The board renewed a long-term contract with Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). The current contract will end in 2024 and the new contract will remain in effect until 2057.  Superintendent Houssin Hourieh explained that the low-cost terms of the contract will remain the same through the winter and summer seasons.  He explained that the board, in existence almost 50 years ago, signed on for the low-cost, long-term supply and as such was put into play before the existence of ARPA.  As such, the WAPA rate is not blended into ARPA’s, but is a straight pass-through to Lamar.

The 2018 LUB/ARPA scholarship winners were announced. Hourieh said there were 12 entries for the $1,000 scholarship with five from Lamar, two from Wiley and four from McClave.  One application did not meet the criteria needed for consideration.  This year’s winners are:  Alexa Comstock from Lamar, Allie Nidey from McClave and Jonathan Hickman from Wiley High School.  The applicants were asked to compose a paper based on this topic, “Lamar Utilities Board owns and operates three wind turbines.  Discuss how renewable energy impacts the environment and what challenges electric utilities face in implementing renewable energy.”

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