Busy Entertainment Schedule Planned for Spring and Summer in Prowers County



Even though it’s still February, the majority of funding applications on the Prowers Lodging Tax Panel’s agenda were for the approaching spring and summer. Presentations were made for the 2nd Annual Holly Gateway Classics/Concert for the end of September, Wild West BBQ for mid-May, Wiley Hay Days Car Show, Holly Bluegrass Festival and Rural Philanthropy Days for June, Sand and Sage Round-up Concert in August and a Classic and Custom Car Show for mid-August.

Minus the Classic Car Show as that application is still being formulated, the requests for funding on Tuesday, February 20th, amounted to $39,150 which extended the current funds of the Lodging Panel beyond their ability to safely allocate donations to every event.

The Holly Gateway Classics event is set for September 29th and the request for $10,350 by organizer Jacob Holdren was tabled until later in the year.  The Wiley Hay Days Car Show requested $3,500 in advertising funds, just shy of the estimated $4,000 needed to produce the event and they received $2,500 toward expenses, the Holly Bluegrass Festival is entering its 16th year of entertaining the region with the free, three-day festival and organizers received their asking amount of $2,500, The Wild West BBQ Cook-Off scheduled for another year on May 11-12 in Willow Creek Park received their $2,000 request, the Sand and Sage Round-Up Concert was pledged their full asking amount of $16,000, an increase of $4,000 from the previous year.  Fair Board representative, Cindy Bennett said the acts set for August will be a crowd-pleaser, featuring a Billboard charted group and an opening act which will offer a ZZ Top-flavored group, “But it’s not ZZ Top”, she emphasized. The Rural Philanthropy Days event will be held in Lamar June 13-15.  Their request of $4,800 was also approved as a pledge.

Although the Panel received a payment of $29,652 from the State Treasurer’s office from taxes collected in the last quarter of 2017, the payments based on a 2% tax on motel room use in Prowers County, are paid out quarterly. When finances are tight through a portion of the calendar year, Panel members will pledge an amount to be paid to fund an event at a later date.  Over the past several years, repeated events have been requesting funding months in advance of the event itself, especially when up-front monies are needed to secure a talent’s appearance for later in the year.

Panel members decided not to take any action on a revision of the By-Laws until all members have been able to conduct a thorough review of suggested changes.  The next Lodging Tax Panel meeting will be held Tuesday, March 20th at 4pm at the Lamar Community College Administration Building, Conference Room #114.

By Russ Baldwin

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