International Education Comes to S.E. Colorado

Exchange Students

Nine students from Europe and Asia will be attending high school classes in southeast Colorado this year, part of the EF High School Exchange program which has offered these services for over 50 years.

Some of the students, accompanied by their host families, attended the events for Family Night this past Tuesday, August 8th, at the Sand and Sage Fairgrounds.  One of the hosts, Kristen McIntyre explained that the students have been in the U.S. for over a week, taking part in a brief, educational process in New York for a final security check, before they were flown to Colorado to meet their host families.

The students and families are:

Jennifer Engstromm from Sweden, hosted by the Isley family from Holly; Shoki Kinoshita from Japan,, hosted by the Cruz family from McClave; Sophie Kupa from Germany, Lorenzo Rossi from Italy hosted by the McIntyre/Jenkins family from Lamar as well as Jorge Salazar of Spain hosted by the Rogers family.

Five students will attend Wiley High School. They are:

Richard Heilford from Germany, hosted by the Wollert family, Domique Filippo from the Netherlands and Fisela Larsson from Germany, hosted by the Weber family, Maria Malachowska from Norway and Marina Santini from Spain, hosted by the States family.

All of the students are conversant in English and many of them can be considered ‘world’ travelers, having lived and visited in other countries around the globe. More information about the program is available at  The students provide their own spending money and health insurance.  The regional coordinators for the program are Toni and Clint States.

By Russ Baldwin

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