Spring Snowstorm Interrupts Power

All in a Day's Work

All in a Day’s Work

“Saturday wasn’t so bad, but Sunday brought a lot of power line interruptions to our area,” according to Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh. There were some scattered outages due to downed power lines on Saturday, but the brunt of the storm, as far as downed lines, occurred through Sunday with the eastern-most areas of Prowers County, the hardest hit.


“There was a lot of ice on the lines and with the addition of 50mph winds, we saw about 35 power poles knocked down and one caught on fire,” Hourieh explained, recounting the efforts of all his line crews who were in the field over the weekend. He said the Holly, Bristol, Granada and Hartman area suffered the most outages, along CR LL and between roads 17 and 18.  There were also a few outages south of Lamar.  The central plant at CR CC also suffered some outages.


“We tried to isolate the outages by feeding power around the affected areas and asked the Town of Holly to turn on their generator so we could back up their power westward, toward those communities,” he explained. There were also some outages along Highway 196 as well as between CRs 13-19.  Hourieh said all the power was eventually restored by 8pm on Sunday, although the Holly generator is still being used while some of the poles are being erected.


“I went out on Sunday and roads leading out of Lamar were closed, but Highway 196 was open in some areas, but because of the winds and snow, there were blizzard-like white-outs where you couldn’t see beyond 20 or 30 feet past your car. I noticed there were some vehicles that had gone off the road and were in ditches.”  Hourieh said it was around these areas that the crews had the most difficulty, navigating through the fields to reach the downed poles.

By Russ Baldwin

(courtesy photos from LUB)

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