Holly Trustees Approve ARPA Litigation Resolution, Accept Resignation, Vote for Mayor Pro-tem


The Holly Trustees voted to accept the letter of resignation, submitted by Jerry Jones on Wednesday, May 3rd.  Letters of intent to serve as a Trustee will be accepted by the Town Clerk, Megan Jara until 5pm on Wednesday, May 31st.  If there is more than one, the Trustees can decide to conduct interviews of the candidates and make a recommendation to accept an individual as the newest Trustee.  In a similar vein, Trustee Larry Sitts was voted to serve as the Mayor Pro-tem for the town.

Jake Holdren, of the Holly Volunteer Fire Department, requested permission to use the town’s parks as the site of a car show and music event which will also incorporate a portion of Main Street following the September 23rd parade.  “I estimate we’d see between 100 to 120 participants and we could see from 500 to 1,000 persons come out the event,” he said, which would be hosted by the Holly Pride Committee.  The only minor hitch in the plans would be the number of electrical outlets that would be set up for vendor’s booths in the park directly outside the Town Depot.  Holdren told Field Services Supervisor, Keith Dennis, that he wouldn’t have specific numbers until later in the summer and Dennis said it wouldn’t be a problem so long as he had a number to work with.  The Holly Gateway Classics Car Show would begin at about 11am, immediately following the downtown parade, Holdren stated.  He added that the committee hopes the new event will increase attendees to the annual parade and fair in September, which have fallen off over the past few years.  Plans also call for a special events permit to serve alcohol, and a public hearing would be required to move ahead on that project.  Holdren said ultimately, the approval of the alcohol permit will determine the location of the event.  Various projects have been planned to offset the costs of hiring a band with total costs estimated at $5,000.

The Trustees voted unanimously in favor of Resolution No. 2017-1, approving the settlement agreement of litigation between the City of Lamar and the Arkansas River Power Authority. Each of the ARPA member communities need to be in unanimous agreement on the matter which would end the suit.  To date, Las Animas and Springfield have agreed and Trinidad and La Junta will hold a vote on the issue later this month.  If the member communities are in agreement, the ARPA board members will then also need to cast a unanimous vote to bring it to the Lamar City Council for action.

Kandu Construction in Lamar was the lone bidder for construction of a sidewalk for the Holly Historical Society. However, the Trustees took no action pending additional information on the scope of the project which calls for a sidewalk to be four feet wide, 100 feet long and four inches thick.  There was a question as to whether a gutter pan would be included in the plans and the cost estimate.  Mayor Garcia said he would be in contact with the firm for additional clarification.

There was doubt during the April Trustee meeting if the town could find enough employees to staff and manage the municipal swimming pool through the season. Now, Barbara VanCampen and Brandi Jantzen have been hired as pool managers and Ashlyn Crossland as assistant manager.  Seven lifeguards have also been hired by the town through the season.  Town Clerk Jara said the salaries, estimated at $16,000, will be closer to $20,000 due in part to the increase in the minimum wage for employees over the age of 18.

In other action the Trustees approved the application for an Animal/Fowl permit for Patsy Campbell; will send a draft proposal to Johnson Auction for leasing the town’s east lot and agreed to a request from JR’s County Store to expand their Main Street entry by 15 feet to the south. The approval will be contingent on conformity to the area and the cost will be incurred by JR’s.  Field Services Supervisor, Keith Dennis, said he is closing the town’s open shooting range as the targets appear to the wires, lines and electrical conductors at this point.  He’ll make a decision as to when the range will be re-opened.  Dennis said the branch chipper on loan from Lamar Light and Power has been a help in eliminating all the downed limbs and branches from the recent storm.  He also praised the local work crew for their efforts in restoring power and cleaning up debris and snow from the spring weekend storm.  He told the Trustees most residents don’t understand the complexity of turning on the town’s generator during a power outage and it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to follow all the protocols.  Mayor Garcia and other Trustees also signified their thanks for the efforts to get the town back in shape following the storm.

By Russ Baldwin




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