Saturday is Earth Day … Don’t Forget to Thank a Farmer


Corn farmers certainly have much to be proud of as Earth Day 2017 (April 22) rolls around.

Some of the great work our farmers are doing is highlighted in the comprehensive 2012 Field to Market Report, which shows that from 1980 to 2011, U.S. corn farmers increased bushels per acre by 64 percent. But also from 1980 to 2011 …

* Land use per bushel … down 30 percent
* Energy use per bushel … down 44 percent
* Water use per bushel … down 53 percent
* Soil erosion per bushel … down 67 percent
* Greenhouse gas emissions per bushel … down 36 percent

Additionally, a number of studies show decreases in other inputs, such as usage of many pesticides, over the years.

The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee and our state’s farmers will no doubt continue striving to produce more food with less resources, and do so in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Be sure to check out the hundreds of thousands of dollars in ongoing and recently concluded sustainability focused research projects in which our organization has invested.

Companies recognizing corn’s role in sustainability.

In addition to the good work of corn producers, the crop itself plays an environmental-stewardship role. Corn is replacing petroleum-based products in many industrial applications — from biodegradable plastic containers, to clothing, to carpet — that are compostable, renewable and better for the environment. In fact, shoe company Reebok is now using corn to make the soles of its new shoes.

Did you know?
An acre of corn removes 8 tons of harmful greenhouse gas from the atmosphere — more than your car produces annually.

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