Sheriff Warns of Officer Impersonation



The Prowers County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a 19-year-old female party on March 2, 2017, of an incident on Hwy 287 north of Wiley on Sunday February 26, 2017 at around 2130 hours. The female said she believes she was contacted by somebody impersonating a police officer. The unknown male subject was parked on the side of Hwy 287 blacked out and when the female passed the suspect vehicle it immediately pulled in behind her and activated flashing red and blue interior lights. The vehicle was described as being an older car that “CSP use to have” and she confirmed it was a Ford Crown Vic slick top that appeared to be silver in color. The female could not see any decals on the vehicle.

The male suspect is described as being in the mid 40’s with an “average” weight. The female could not see facial features because the suspect had a black “Mountie” style hat and he looked down during the contact with the female which concerned the female. The unknown male suspect was not using a flashlight during the contact and it was well after dark when the incident occurred. The subject was wearing a darker grey in color long sleeved uniform shirt with no name tag, no badge, no patches on the shirt, and no pack set that she could see. When asked, what was said by the subject the female stated that they had told her she was impeding traffic by traveling 63 in a 65 MPH zone and her temp tag was unreadable. The subject asked the female for her license and registration but did not ask for insurance. The subject went back to his car and then returned quickly without providing any citation, warning, or business card. After running a Query on the female party and on the license plate of the vehicle she was in there were no queries as if it had been an actual officer on a stop, since the beginning of February, 2017.

If anyone has any information or any other similar complaints, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 719-336-8050 or Prowers County Dispatch at 719-336-3995.

Thank you, and please be aware of your local law enforcement officers and their uniforms, attire, and vehicles. Please pull over for the law enforcement officer and use good judgement, failing to do so, could result in harsher charges, like attempted eluding.

If contacted by someone you believe is posing as an officer, or in a case which you feel it could be a suspicious incident, call 719-336-3995 or 911 to verify with dispatch the validity of the stop. If it proves to be a false stop, please take direction from the dispatcher.



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