Unofficial Primary Election Results for June 28th


These are the unofficial voting numbers for Prowers County and a partial listing of the statewide contests for elected seats of interest.  The Prowers County voter turnout was 42.68% from 1,754 votes cast out of a total voting population of 4,110.

For Prowers County Commissioner, Wendy Buxton Andrade ran unopposed for District 3 on the GOP ticket and received 1,005 votes. Tom Grasmick, GOP for District 1 was unopposed in his contest and received 1,043 votes.  Commissioner Henry Schnabel is not running for re-election in that district.  There were no democratic contenders.

One closely watched contest was for the GOP seat for District 64 State Representative, between incumbent Tim Dore and challenger Kimmi Lewis. Lewis received 967 votes in Prowers County and 7,323 statewide, compared to Dore’s 332 votes in Prowers County and 3,354 statewide.  On the democratic ticket for that district, Kathleen Conway received 359 votes in Prowers County.

The race for US Senator had six candidates for the GOP vote and Darryl Glenn received 130,084 statewide and 354 in Prowers County. The number two position went to Jack Graham who received 84,663 from the state and 435 from Prowers County.

The contest for District 4 for US Representative had one candidate for the democratic ticket in Prowers County with Bob Seay receiving 22,191 from the state and 348 in Prowers County. Incumbent GOP candidate, Ken Buck, received 58,127 from the state and 1,053 from Prowers County.

State Senator, Larry Crowder, from District 35 had no opposition for his seat from the GOP side and received 1,025 in Prowers County and 10,669 statewide. Challenger Jim Casias had 8,797 votes statewide on the democratic ticket.

By Russ Baldwin



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