Holly Historical Society Update…Museum Open for Veterans on Nov 11

The Holly Historical Society thanks all those who visited the museum after the parade during the Holly fair. Thanks to those who bought books and donated to our cause of preserving as much of our history as possible. From Jesse Meltons dioramas and brand board to the old merry go round in front of the museum everyone enjoyed the day.
    The society’s new president Steve Wagner plans to have the museum open every second Saturday of each month.  The museum will also be open November 11 in honor of our veterans. Items of memorabilia you would like to display would be welcome for the day. Please contact Nola Mae Ice, 719-537-6884 or Bonnie Neil at 719-537-6872,
     The books on sale at the museum, including the history of all the schools in Holly and Hartman make excellent Christmas gifts for those who walked through these halls. Take pictures around the merry go round where almost every student from 1931 skinned a knee or got the ride of their elementary lives.
     The society is proud of the work they have accomplished, with the bathroom. air and heat, new windows, and the preservation of the building. The building itself brings back memories of dancing in square dance sets, 4-H meetings, the library, the police station and the jail. Some still remember the times they were lucky enough not to spend the night there.
     Take a walk down memory lane, Its good exercise.

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