Tri-State Annual 9-11 Tribute Honors Jim Hamilton

Dug Harbour with Tila Dunn and Cory Forgue on dias



The September 9th, 2023 Annual Tri-State 9-11 Parade and Fairgrounds event featured a special flag-folding ceremony honoring former Prowers County Sheriff, Jim Hamilton who served his community for numerous years in law enforcement including his earlier years as a member of the Colorado State Patrol. The morning parade began at 10am and followed a familiar route from South 6th Street into the Prowers County Fairgrounds from 9th Street.

Presentation of Flag for James Hamilton

A host of flags representing various military, law enforcement, fire department and service groups lined the main roadway into the fairgrounds where visitors could enjoy the noon BBQ beef meal which was free to responders and veterans as well as the gift of a box of Girl Scout cookies for veterans.

Flag-Folding Honors


Cory Forgue hosted as emcee for his 12th year and Tribute Committee interim chairman, Doug Harbour introduced the speakers for the day, including a Veterans’ Representative for Eastern Colorado who outlined the latest PACT Act medical coverage extension for veterans in need.

Pentagon Memorabilia

The Hall of Honor in the Centennial Building showcased numerous photos, drawings and representations for first responder and military members, as well as a five-sided granite portion of the remains of the side of the Pentagon which was struck by one of the hi-jacked commercial jet airliners on September 11, 2001.

Clare Dunn with Fans

Other presentations included the Presentation of Colors by Fire Department members, Clare Dunn performing the National Anthem for the gathering, a wood carving exhibition, members on hand from Care Connect Helicopter flight-for-life crew, a cornhole tournament, flag retirement by the Boy Scouts of America and Tila Dunn who outlined the development of Quilts of Valor for long-time veterans of southeast Colorado.  The Fort Carson 75mm Honor Battery sounded their official salutes that afternoon and several vendors were on hand as well.

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