Tri-State 9-11 Tribute Committee Host Sculpture Unveiling

Fireman Sculpture



It has been 22 years since the fall of the Twin Towers in New York City and 2023 marks the 12th anniversary of the annual Tri-State 9-11 Tribute consisting of a morning parade and various events at the Prowers County Fairgrounds.

Honors by Master Sergeant Marti Mace

The September 7th program at the 9-11 Memorial on US Highway 50 marked the unveiling of the first of three sculptures dedicated to the first responders on that fateful day in September, 22 years ago.  Doug Harbour, the founder of the first 9-11 observance and interim Tribute committee chairman, has been working with his group to bring the memorial site into existence and little bit, by little bit, through grant funding and donations, it came one step closer to fruition this past Thursday afternoon.

“The Fireman” was the first bas-relief sculpture put on the Memorial Wall and was created by Scott Stearman.  “This depicts a fireman, outfitted in the equipment used in 2001, running towards the viewer.  The fireman is looking up towards the first of the Twin Towers that fell and this man knows that he and his responders may not survive the day, but nevertheless, he moves forward as he has been trained to do,” Stearman explained to the gathering prior to the unveiling.

Sculptor Scott Stearman and Fireman

Stearman added that two more sculptures will one day grace the memorial wall to include a soldier and a NYPD policeman.  He explained that the fireman and the ones that follow will note a historical signature for later generations that will view the memorial and be reminded of the events of sept 11, 2001 for years to come.  “The theme, he said, is ‘Never Forget’, said Stearman, adding that this long-range program of the memorial was embraced by Doug Harbour as a mission for this county.

Stearman said the Firefighter is depicted as running through the memorial wall towards the danger in those towers on that day and represents the special group of people who stand guard, watching over us, whether it’s a fireman, policeman or soldier, and continue to protect our lives 24 hours a day.

Lamar Mayor Kirk Crespin offered praise to the tribute committee for their hard work and dedication which shows appreciation and respect for those who serve our country.  Other program notes included the Presentation of Colors by representatives from the Pueblo Fire Department and local scouts. Country-western artist, Clare Dunn performed the National Anthem and Amazing Grace was played on bagpipes by Master Sergeant Marti Mace.  The solemn tolling of the fire bell signified honors on those who had lost their lives in the line of duty.

By Russ Baldwin



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