Outstanding Benefit Event for DuVall Family

DuVall Benefit organizers Sept 2, 2023


“Pretty much a packed house”, was the way one person summed up the attendance for the DuVall Benefit Concert at the Prowers County Fairgrounds this past Saturday, September 2nd.

Fairgrounds Grandstands

The grandstands, the beer tent, the BBQ tables…all had a great turnout for the evening.  The fund-raising event contributed to the rebuilding of their lives for Mynra and Johnny DuVall who had lost almost all of their possessions to their farm, house and ranch this past summer due to a F-3 tornado that wiped out the long-time Granada family in a matter of minutes.

A beer garden, live and silent auction, BBQ and a concert by country-western recording artist and family friend, Clare Dunn combined for a memorable evening to help the DuValls rebuild from the devastation that struck them with little warning.

Myrna DuVall

Fortunately, there was a warning from the Pueblo office of the National Weather Service, a direct phone call from the office letting Myrna know that the tornado had taken a turn on radar and was bearing down on their property on the outskirts of Granada.  Johnny DuVall was enroute to their farm and a video by a storm chaser showed his distant pick-up heading right into the melee.  They got into their cellar with moments to spare and came back several minutes later to see that all their buildings had been either wiped clean or tossed around like broken matchsticks.

“It never made a sound,” Myrna told the grandstand audience.  “You hear that a tornado is supposed to sound like an approaching freight train, but this one was so silent it was eerie.”  A jumbo screen in the fairgrounds arena showed videos of the storm and the aftermath to their property and those sights brought the crowd into a very quiet mode.

Stan Brinkley

Events got rolling with the auctioneering skills of Cody Johnson and Clayton Eberhardt who proceeded to rack up some bids on just under two dozen donated items and services from local businesspeople.  Following that, it was time for the music from Clare Dunn who earlier related her experiences and friendship with the DuValls when she was a youngster on her family’s own farm, not too distant from Johnny and Myrna’s operation.  The grandstand audience was invited to come down into the arena at the foot of the stage and dance the night away, and they did, young and old until it was time to go.

There are a lot of people to thank for organizing the event, especially to the evening co-emcee, Stan Brinkley, who presented the DuValls with two checks from local banks from donations from area residents and businesses.  Brinkley put in a lot of footwork and phone calls organizing the benefit.  The Prowers County Fairboard and Commissioners and local BBQ caterers donated their time and expertise to help raise funds that evening.  The tally isn’t complete yet, but regardless of the dollar amount, the DuValls know they are the richer for the outpouring of support from friends and neighbors.

By Russ Baldwin

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