Letter to the Editor:  Thank you from the DuValls



John and Myrna DuVall and their family would like to express their heartfelt appreciation to all of our family, friends, neighbors as well as a few strangers who supported them during their tornado disaster from this past June.

“Words cannot express the love we have for each and everyone of you, that has given your time, hard work, food, money, use of machinery, prayers and hugs!  The kindness shown to us is what got us through this and keeping us going.  The offer of homes, hotel rooms and vehicles was unbelievable!  Thanks too, to the Prowers County officials that contributed manpower and machinery which made our clean-up so much easier.  There is no way we can repay their abundance of kindness we’ve been given!  There are no words.  Just know we love you all.”

John and Myrna DuVall

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