LCC Graduates Empower Future Generations


LCC Graduates Empower Future Generations Lamar Community College (LCC) has always been committed to providing exceptional education and creating opportunities for our students. One of the noteworthy aspects of LCC is our ability to
empower our graduates, not only through education but also by connecting them to employment opportunities within the community and the institution itself. This commitment to fostering a strong connection between education and career is exemplified by the stories of two outstanding individuals who recently graduated from LCC and now have joined the College as full-time staff.

Meet Brianna Perez and Michael Grudt. Brianna and Michael, both exceptional students during their time at Lamar Community College, embarked on a journey that has come full circle. Both began their time at LCC with concurrent enrollment while still in high school, worked for the College in part-time roles while they were students, and were onboarded as full-time staff members shortly after graduation. Now, as full-time staff members, they bring their passion, dedication, and familiarity with the College to their respective roles.

Brianna initially decided to pursue a position with the College because she was already comfortable with the LCC environment and knew she would enjoy helping people. She started in a work-study student position in the Back-to-Work department. Following graduation, Brianna was promoted to the Student Success Workforce Navigator position. In addition to the
beautiful campus and friendly people, Brianna also enjoys being able to help adult learners come back to school. She helps them turn their aspirations into reality by connecting them with the scholarships and other resources they need to pursue higher education without worrying about how they’ll be able to afford it.

Michael started working for LCC while he was still a student as well. He was already working for a different employer when he heard about a Back-to-Work Assistant position at the College from a coworker. He was able to secure that position part-time while he finished his degree. Following graduation, Michael moved into a new position as the Colorado Opportunity
Scholarship Initiative (COSI) Navigator. Michael finds satisfaction in helping dissolve the barriers in student’s way. He also enjoys being able to answer student’s questions before they ask them and witnessing students become more at ease when they realize he is around the same age and has been through the same process.

Brianna and Michael’s presence as full-time staff members showcase the College’s ability to recognize and harness its community’s talent while fostering a sense of belonging and inspiration among current students, a focus of LCC new President, Dr. Reyes. Seeing their former peers successfully transition from students to staff members instills a belief in the transformative power of education and encourages students to explore similar opportunities within their communities shared Dr. Reyes. Moreover, Brianna and Michael’s firsthand experience as students contributes to a deeper understanding of the needs and aspirations of current students. They serve as relatable mentors and role models, guiding students through their educational journeys and demonstrating the possibilities that can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and passion for their chosen fields.

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