Mykinthia Ebron of Lamar, Miss Colorado USA Contestant


Mykinthia Ebron has been very busy for the past several months, preparing to represent the Lamar community in Greeley, Colorado this July for the annual Miss Colorado USA Pageant.

“I’m looking forward to this experience as well as for the opportunity to represent my on-going focus on children and foster families in particular,” she explained recently for The Prowers Journal.  Ebron said she is one of 50 contestants who will vie for the winning votes during the July 14th-16th pageant.  “The contest will narrow the 50 down to just 10 or perhaps 16, it hasn’t been made specific at this point.”

Ebron has had one prior experience in a similar contest several years ago in 2014 when she took part in the Miss Elks pageant in Colorado Springs.  “I’ve also assisted withs a local Cinderella preliminary pageant for your girls in our region.  It helps promote elegance, positive character and develops a friendship-community for young girls.”

Ebron, who has been an employee of both KVAY and KLMR in a news and sports announcing capacity, is currently working for the City of Lamar for the past 18 months.  “I’ve been seeking sponsorships to offset the costs of the pageant and I’ve raised $1,100 for the registration requirements.  Right now, I’m using money I’ve saved from my salary for the expenses in July, but extra donations will really be appreciated at this point for the hotel, transportation and other costs associated with the three days,” she explained.  Those wishing to help can contact her through her personal email at  Ebron has been assisted by 29 different businesses in the Lamar area and they will have representation during the pageant.

She will use her experience in foster families as her platform for community issues and demonstrated local support.  Ebron is developing a website,  Each contestant must present information about themselves and their choices for their future.  That counts for one-third of the grading in the contestant criteria along with the swimsuit competition and evening gown for the remainder.  There is also the inevitable question that is given to each contestant without a chance to study or research their replies.  “I hope my on-air radio experience will serve me when that moment comes up,” she stated.

Should Mykinthia win, she says she’ll use her year to represent Lamar and Colorado, as well as use her background experience to continue to promote for foster families and child care.  “It would be wonderful to be able to address these issues on a national platform,” she said.  If she wins, Mykinthia will begin to prepare to represent Colorado in the national Miss USA Pageant.

By Russ Baldwin


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