LUB Recaps Fire Impact on Power Pole Equipment

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Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, informed the utilities board about last week’s fire and high wind impact made on plant equipment.  Hourieh stated the power distribution was first impacted by high winds on the afternoon of March 22nd.  Around 3pm that afternoon, fire broke out at US Highway 50 which spread to the north along Highway 196.  The fire burned 16 poles on the east end 24.9 KIV line which resulted in a power outage to Holly, Hartman and Bristol.  The crew isolated the damaged areas between CR 18 and CR20.  Holly used its standby generator as a power source for the impacted communities, while the Light Plant supplied power to the western end of the area.  Plant crews worked to replace the downed poles to restore normal power to the area by 5pm on Thursday, March 23rd.  Hourieh added that the plant’s wind turbines, although located on pasture land, are pretty safe from a fire as their base is made of heavy-duty metal and there is a fire break with a several yard radius surrounding each tower.  “There may be some concern to the transformer pad and excessive heat,” he explained.

Hourieh noted sales of electricity through February 2023 are up approximately 3.59% when compared to the same period in 2022.  Resident sales were up 5.22%, irrigation sales were down approximately 42.80%  as there is no irrigation underway at this point in the season and commercial/industrial sales were up 3.96%.  These three customer classes comprise about 96% of total system sales.

The Lamar Utility Board authorized payment of purchase orders amounting to $84,132.81 from a total of $93,151.46.  Monthly bills totaling $707,413.90 including $630,957.42 to Arkansas River Power Authority for electrical power purchase in the previous month.

By Russ Baldwin

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