Bent’s Fort Chapter Annual Meeting January 14, 2023

The Bent’s Fort Chapter Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, January 14, at the JW Rawlings Heritage Center and Museum, 560 Bent Ave., Las Animas, CO. The meeting will begin at 10:30am followed by a catered lunch (Cost $10). The meeting will include the election of officers: President, Larry Bourne; Vice President, LaDonna Hutton; Secretary, Peggy Jo Dowell; and Treasurer, Shannon Venturi. Also, the Member of the Year will be announced.

After lunch Steve Wooten will give a presentation on the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association. This is the Nation’s oldest cattle association formed on November 30, 1867 at the Planter House, 15th and Blake St, Denver. They called themselves the Colorado Stockgrowers Association.

The Association formed as a defense to rustling and cattle theft but also the ever evolving challenges and threats to the beef industry, profitability and private property rights. 156 years later, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) still represents Colorado’s beef producers against market threats, global issues, environmental regulation, labor regulation and legislative attacks. In addition CCA advocates and promotes the stewardship, animal welfare and quality of the product produced by modern managers.

Steve wrote about his own cattle operation, “we are a multi-generational cow calf enterprise in the Purgatoire River Canyons of southeast Colorado. Purchased by my great-grandfather in 1929, our families have been raising grass for cattle grazing on native pristine pastures since. We began a rotational grazing plan with our red angus herd almost 30 years ago, with the primary focus on maximizing rest periods after grazing. Our belief is a strong maternal herd produces females that easily maintain themselves on the range with minimal supplements, yet also produce steers that grade upper choice efficiently.” Many members will remember our tour of his ranch in June, 2015.

The presentation will be open to the public at 1pm. It will be good to see members and friends again as we start the New Year.

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